NYC Level 2 - June 2018


I’m interested in being part of a study group that meets regularly around NYC. My current thinking is we could meet weekly or every other week as schedules allow, to discuss topics we previously decided to look at before that session.

I am generally in Midtown East during workdays, and around Brooklyn/Lower Manhattan for evenings and weekends. Pretty flexible to schedule, evenings and weekends.

Message me if you’d be interested or want to discuss.

– Molly

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Hi, I’m also taking the level 2 in June 2018. I plan on starting my prep in the beginning of January and I would love to have a study group that mimic the Schweser class; meet once a week starting from 1/24/2018 (or some date around there). 

There doesn’t seem to be a message button on this forum


I’m taking L2 in june 2018 too. I’m taking notes and doing a first pass starting in December, especially since I passed L1 back in June of this year. I’m not too particular about the order or pacing of the studying. Since I don’t work in finance(but would like to someday), I have no real world context for anything I’m learning. I’m mostly looking for a group that will keep me on my toes, or to be able to tell me if they know more than the curriculum and can help me put things into perspective. I’m looking to either join a current group or make a new one.



I’ll put up my number for now, if I don’t hear back after a while I’ll delete it.


Messaged you!

Hello all! 

I’m interested in forming an online group study for level 2 June 2018.

Plz contact me via skype: pinpon_194 or whatsapp: +84 125 398 7338

Hope that we could form a good team!


If anyone is around Midtown East, NYC  and open to meeting up early mornings… 

I am taking L2 in June. 

Hi everyone! I’m also looking to create a new or join an existing study group for the level 2 2018. I live and work in Greenpoint, Bklyn but meetings in the city once a week or so would work for me. I had a study group during prep for the level 1 and definitely think that it enhances and boosts the studying process! Please pm if you are interested in creating a group or if you think I could join your group.



Hi, i am sitting for level 2 2018 in nyc. I live around hoboken. If there any study group please add me 

Hey All,

I am from London. I could not get any traction for the study groupp from here. I see that this is the biggest group for L2, 2018 on AF.

If you guys have any whatsapp group then please send me the joining link. I would love to join you  for studying together and crack L2 in June 2018.




First of all apologies for posting in NYC location. I am in Tokyo and I could not get any traction with getting L2 2018 group here. If you guys form a Online group I will be interested to join (like Skype or WhatsApp).

Hoping to hear from interested people.


Anyone around 36th and 5th during the week?


I’d be interested in joining anyone that has a study group together for the June 2018 level II exam. I work near Flatiron and would be willing to meet once a week. Please message me if I can join your group. 


solid_bug wrote:

Anyone around 36th and 5th during the week?


I am. Contact me @3474192333