Level II

Inventory Investment outlay requirement for capital projects

Could someone explain what the inventory investment outlay is needed for capital projects? What do they mean when there is an inventory outlay for the capital project? More specifically, why does the terminal value reverse the inventory and accounts receieveable outlay that occur at the beginning of the project?

Source of growth

Growth in labor productivity = Growth in TFP + Growth in Capital Deepening.

To which country capital deepening as a source of growth was most important?

Country A = Growth in Labor Productivity = 2.4%, Growth in TFP=0.6% -> Capital deepening = 1.8%

Country B = Growth in Labor Productivity = 1.6%, Growth in TFP=0.8% -> Capital deepening = 0.8%

Country C = Growth in Labor Productivity = 0.8%, Growth in TFP= - 0.3%-> Capital deepening = 1.1%

Preparring by/for each Learning Outcome Statement

Hi folks!

I hear a lot about the need to address each LOS specifically.

How do you structure this preparation? I mean literally.

And how to know that in your preparation you have addressed the question ENOUGH.

Could anyone share a link for useful tips on that, please?

Rd 10, question 38, which one is significant ?

T-Stat.        P value

1.201          0.238

2.308         0.027

Confused as to how they are significant or not at the 0.01 level of significance ?

FRA and derivatives study strategy

Can someone suggest an efficient method in getting a good hold on FRA and derivatives. I’m pretty weak in these areas. Thanks in advance.


Hi everyone
How should I start preparing for Level II? I’m using schweser books and Arif’s videos. I’ll be using curriculum for questions and blue box. I need a little guide as to where to start from? Which subjects should I start with first and difficult subjects and easier ones? Any guidance would be appreciated. 

Preparing For Level II

Hi everyone!

Been a while since I’ve been here, but looking forward to getting going on level II. I was just looking for some quick general tips from anyone on studying for level 2, and what you should do differently than level 1 (I’ve been hearing you really can’t study the same way for level 2). Any advice would be greatly appreciated, just looking for a starting point so I can organize myself before actually studying.