Level III

Effective Study Methods


I have found a source which has CFA past papers going as far back as 1999. I am aware many of these older questions may be redundant but there are still relevant questions.

Is it best to just study techniques off these instead of doing the EOC in curriculum? I figured there are so many AM papers available hat using some older ones as practice is probably better then doing blue boxes, and leaving some of the newer ones for official mocks closer to D-day. 

Best 3rd party supplement study material?

I have Schweser and am going back now and doing all of the CFAI EOC questions and blue box examples.  Looking for either videos or some sort of guided q&a material to supplement this.  Have read mixed reviews of FinQuiz and a few others.  Anyone have a good experience with another resource for L3?

2017 and 2016 MPS and 300hrs 90% 10%

Does anyone have data or estimates of where the MPS was in 2017 and 2016 (apologies if I am missing this from another thread)? Also curious if 300hrs shared, or if someone else has tabulated, the 90-10% estimates for 2017 and 2016? 

Level Up Bootcamps recorded?

Does ML record his bootcamps? I know Kap Schw. records its final reviews session to consult later. It would be great if this was a feature of the Level Up reviews. Any insights form past participants? Also, do ML offer proprietary practice problems, or does he just reference blue boxes and other CFAI Qs? 

L3 Cyprus

Hello All

Any candidates doing level 3 in Cyprus would like to meet up for study sessions?


Frequent E-Book Updates

Hey guys, first time this is happening, so I’m just wondering if you guys are experiencing the same thing as well.

Recently, there’s been frequent downloads on my CFA Curriculum e-book, especially Volume 1-4, typically once every 2-3 weeks since mid-December. I have no idea where to check the update notes for these downloads, so I decided to ask here.

Thank you for your time and sorry if this question has been asked before.

edit: I always checked the cfa institute errata after every download but nothing seems to change.

Time Needed for Level 3 Final Review

Hi All (especially those who have passed L3)-

Does anyone have any advice on how much time to set aside to do the final reviews/practice tests/problem sets across all the L3 materials? For L1 and L2, I set aside the last month, but it seems given the essay portion and practice needed on top of the topic tests, a month may not be enough time? If you have taken L3 in the past, or know of any advise from those have have passed- what is the recommended time to set aside at the end to review the material? 

Mark Meldrum video and material

I understand Mark Meldrum has been really good for Level I & II.  And has launched his videos for Level III starting 2018?

Any feedbacks from Level III guys would be much appreciated on how he is for Level 3?


End of Reading Questions

Does anyone know if the questions at the end of each reading are indicative of what we can expect on the exam as far as multiple choice versus essay questions? For example reading 12 only has multiple choice questions at the end and I’m curious if anyone has any knowledge of this indicating it would primarily fall in the PM section of the exam.