AF Fantasy Football League

If anyone is interested in joining a fantasy football league for AFers, check out the following thread for details:


^ don’t we already have 16 people instead of 12

Right, so we need to recruit a few more so that we can have 2 leagues.


Thats how you do it, students!!!

82 > 87
Simple math.

Smallest margin of victory I have ever seen. Truly the longest yard. Congrats!

Meanwhile my team continues to put up a bunch of points but runs into the week’s highest scorer. Again. Story of my season. 

Congrats Greenie. Looks like you are headed to the playofffs. 

It seems like my team continues to underperform thanks for Kareem Hunt, but teams just don’t score against me. Pretty sure I am going to be one-and-done in the playoffs unless Hunt wakes up. 

i lost a fantasy championship by 0.03, FU cj anderson

"You want a quote? Haven’t I written enough already???"


I offered Dutch Auction the opportunity to surrender right before Jason Witten’s game. He wasn’t interested.  So now I can show no mercy.  

Oh well.  I can’t be responsible for your humiliation, I guess.  

82 > 87
Simple math.

So humiliated that I couldn’t win by 100 points. =(