Uppermark vs. Schweser

Which one would you recommend for preparation for the Level 1 exam in March 2018? I don’t have much of an experience with AI and will take me approx.500 hours to get ready for the exam. Already started reading the Wiley textbook.

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Read the CAIA textbook and then do the Uppermark online questions. A lot of people have success with that method. I know quite a few people that failed just relying on Schweser’s notes.

I used UpperMark to prep for the Level I exam. UpperMark’s notes are too succinct and you don’t feel confident walking into the testing center having read just those. My advice would be to rely on the CAIA textbook. Use the UpperMark books to supplement your understanding of the material. I read the UpperMark notes first before diving into the CAIA textbook, it gave me a good bird’s eye view of the material I was about to tackle. I’d then come back to UpperMark and do their MCQs for the particular topic at hand. Effective strategy in my view. 

I posted this in another thread (refers to Sept 2017 L1 exam), but it may be useful here:

I used Schweser and I thought the mock exams were much easier than the actual exam. The exams and QBank were very nit-picky and detailed (based on memorization), whereas the actual exam questions were more general/problem-solving. I did not feel prepared for the actual exam using Schweser. I read the official CAIA book once. I should have read it again or in tandem with Schweser notes and focused more on the book than Schweser notes. I saw at least 2-3 questions from the actual exam that were taken directly from the CAIA book. One question was verbatim from the CAIA book, but not covered at all in Schweser notes!

I started with reading Schweser notes 2 months before the exams and just finished it when there are only 20 days left, then I spent almost 4 hours a day to go through 2 Schewser mock exams and 4 Uppermark exams which including 1200 questions in total. Then I summarize all the questions I did wrong and go back to the notes and write down all the related bullet points that also could possibly be tested. After doing that, you will know which part is heavily tested and which part is not. I remember that in my first mock exams, I am only able to answer 63% of questions correctly, but after doing more and more practice exams, finally, I achieve 83% on the official CAIA mock exam on the website. From what Schewser Secrete source says, as long as we beat 70% of the questions, then we are safe.

Thanks all. Keen to hear from advice on this. I used Kaplan for level 1 but their mock exam is way too difficult and badly worded which I didn’t find very helpful. I’m debating whether to change to Uppermark as I have seen some good reviews but the thing is Uppermark is only online based and no physical class. Any ideas guys?


I used the CAIA materials and uppermark for levels 1 & 2 (still waiting for level II results) 

uppermark materials are available in more forms than online only.