Does anyone know about the date CAIA Lv1 results for 2017 September?

cant wait for my test scores.

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I believe today.

1. The website is down.

Unable to load a valid site… Site: CAIA Does Not Exist…

2. Registration opens 2 October

My stomach is churning. 

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Same here, maybe they are updating the results now :). 

maybe we could receive the result after about 6 hours.

Good Luck.

can’t wait for the results… 

should be by next week friday latest

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Just trolling past posts about this, it seems that 3 weeks to the last day of the exam window is when they release. That would mean Fri Oct 6 for September Level I.

Also, it’s quite cruel that CAIA keeps psyching me out with email. I’ll see a new one and my heart races and it’s… oh hey, here - take this survey about your exam experience. Or, here’s the latest in AI news… >:-\

yup, every time when I see an email from CAIA, my heartbeat goes faster and then realize it’s just a survey :(

:D :D :D funny, same here

Looking at some previous posts the results have been released around what essentially translates to the 10/2 this year….do not know if that is the correct date every year and if this year will be similar…

it starts to be quite a long time of waiting ! maybe today ?!

adlh88 wrote:

it starts to be quite a long time of waiting ! maybe today ?!

Hey everyone, seems that I can now registrer for L2 spring 2018 exam… maybe a hint ?!

Yeah me too. How is this possible ? I did not receive my result yet

From March Level 1 thread,

somebody called the institute and they told her being able to register for L2 doesn’t mean you passed and vice versa. The institute also said the results had not been uploaded on the website at that time. 

Out of curiosity, did you guys manage to checkout for L2 registration?

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Results out guys. 60% passed


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passed !

It’s on the website! I PASSED! I was praying for a good curve because I felt so discouraged after the exam. :-D

Congrats to all who passed!

Passed, all the sections are in stronger band except comparable ethics. Time to register for next level :)

passed!!! conrats to everyone :)

passed!! all sections marked “Stronger”.


passed, as well. congrats to all!

ya don't know what ya don't know until ya know it.

would be interesting to see how many candidates actually write each year

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