CAIA Level II Test Prep March 2018

I just passed my CAIA Level I test. To prep for the test I used Kaplan and I thought it was pretty good. I am wondering what people like to use for level II? Also what is the best way to prep for the three essay questions? I remeber reading on here that there is some guy named Greg that does videos that is super helpful but I can’t remeber who he is with.


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Greg is with Kaplan Schweser.

Kaplan Schweser as well. Do you know how difficult is L2 compared to L1 ?

I found the multiple choice to be similar 

the essay was more difficult but not because of the material tested necessarily but because you don’t have a list of answers to choose from.  

A CFA charter is probably the best prep for CAIA Level II

i put FRM in FoRuM - I don’t have my Charter yet, but I passed Level III of the CFA. Does that count?

Being a blond and a retaker, I have to admit I used both Uppermark and Schweser for my studies. I also read the official book. Honestly, my whole study journey is a diffferent topic, but having tested all of opportunities, I would advice to have a Schweser’s pack with online video classes and hardcopy books (to highlight some tricks that they emphasized) and, if you have enough time to study, Uppermark qbank (you can buy it as a separate product).  Greg made a great job, because the official book sometimes too scientific and in some topics not clear enough.

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