Career advice

Hello Friends,

I am writing to seek your opinion on some career advice. I am 37 years old, Canadian CA based out in Toronto and writing L3 next year. I have over 15 years of professional experience primarily in financial planning & analysis as well as financial reporting while working in the service-providing and manufacturing industries.

I am wondering that based on my professional experience, would I ever be able to enter investment finance or any related job where I can utilize my CFA designation or it is too late looking at my age. If the answer is yes, what kind of jobs should I try? The reason I ask is that most of CFA jobs need some sort of financial service industry experience even if they want enrollment/passing CFA L1/2/3.

Much appreciate your help folks!

Warm Regards

Sure, you have a chance. 37 is better than 57. Just follow your passion.

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Never too late, but at 37, not sure if you want to pull the hours.

Based on your credential, most suitable jobs for you may be:

1. Advisory at a Big 4 - ie. deals & transaction group (given you probably articled at a Big 4, they would be inclined to take you).

2. ER at a sector that you are familiar with (ie. manufacturing / service providing) 

I see your point here–37 isn’t exactly young, but it’s not too old, either. We’re quite in the same range and what helped me explore possibilities was with the help of a career coach. Took me lots of time before deciding to do that and I think I’ve just gained confidence to try out some opportunities I couldn’t ever fathom to explore 2-3 years ago. So I say, go for it!

Btw, in case you’re curious, got my coach from here: https://livecoach.io/career_coaching