Real estate interview questions

Can anyone give me examples of real estate questions? I know technical stuff such as NPV, sales comparison, income approach, FFO, AFFO. What else?

Phone interview with HR is tomorrow. And if I get past that, the job posting says they will test analytical, contractual/legal stuff in the interview with the hiring manager.

What area of RE kid?

Job description says acquisitions, dispositions and development, due diligence

EDIT: Department is asset management. But the role is to support those groups. ie. revenue enhancing, cost reduction.

Know them operating statements and inspection reports 

dont worry about FFO etc etc those are all concepts regarding REITs this sounds more like development/equity sponsorship REPE type stuff. 

The AM guys at my firm are basically concerned with making sure the property stays on budget & verifying the assumptions of the underwriting hold true while updating models to track whats going on and what can be done to improve/save deals while being engaged with parties to monitor for possible exit opportunities. The AM guys dont typically handle too much of acquisitions in my experience but handle everything else once the deal closes. 

They also are involved with finance in dealing with lenders and such providing information to keep mortgages from defaulting as well as providing information for investor presentation. Have a general understanding of JV structures and such

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