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Hi everyone! I am considering purchasing either Schweser or Wiley for L2. For L1 I used Schweser and it was great to use it, but as I made the mock exams with the CFAI I realized Schweser did not a perfect job in the realization of their notes because of a lack of important details were missing.

I know this questions has been asked before (did read those earlier posts) but I wanted to have fresh comments about your experience with Wiley or Schweser for L2 or in the Program overall.

I am not really a video-learner, I prefer much more learning from notes and making exams. Also, I am just graduating from a finance career.

Thank you in advance for your advice

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Mark Meldrum>Schweser>Wiley

I was really successful with Wiley for L1 and L2, so I’d recommend them (and in particular their video content). 

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I followed this for my Level II study:

FinTree videos + Schweser notes + Curriculum Examples and EOCs. This worked well for me.

At the end, I solved CFAI mocks (2) and FinTree mocks (3). This got me through.

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Mark Meldrum>Schweser>Wiley