Dec CFA exams stolen in Rio de Janeiro

Scenario: Rio de Janeiro is chaos on earth. After World Cup and Olympics’ overpriced construction works and the assault on Petrobras done by President LULA and his gang, we are seeing a collapse.

Insurers stopped issuing auto insurance this year due to high level of crime.

Now imagine receiving this email (by the way, CFAI handed this issue handsomely. It is not their fault by any means):


Dear XXXX,

We are writing to tell you some unfortunate news. The courier truck carrying the completed exam materials from the CFA Institute test center in Rio De Janeiro, where you took your exam on Saturday, December 2, 2017, was hijacked on its way to the distribution center and all cargo, including your exam, was stolen. We are diligently working with our courier to explore all avenues to recover the stolen shipment; however, we have been advised by our local representatives that recovery of any materials is highly unlikely at this point.

We know that this news will be shocking and disappointing to you, so we are putting in place the following measures for all of our candidates who were affected:
1.    You will receive a full refund of your December 2017 exam registration fee. You should expect to receive your reimbursement within approximately three business days.
2.    We will also automatically waive the CFA Program fees for your next CFA exam registration. You will be able to register for future exams at the end of January.
3.    You may also choose to re-take your exam in Rio De Janeiro at no cost on January 13, 2018. We will be in touch shortly with more details, including venue information.
4.    We will ensure a speedy scoring process for the exam re-takes in January and you could expect to receive your result by the end of January.
5.    Given the compromised security environment in Rio, we will be putting in place additional, heightened security measures to protect the test materials and to ensure their safe return to our grading center.
We would appreciate that you let us know by December 15 if you intend to re-take the exam in January by sending an email to [email protected]. In your email, please include the following information:
•    Your candidate ID, name, email and telephone number. 
•    Your decision regarding whether or not you will be re-taking the exam on January 13. 
•    If you were a no-show for the exam on December 2, 2017, we ask that you please advise us, although we are happy to extend to you the same refund and opportunity to take the test on January 13.
We are deeply sorry for the disappointment that this criminal act will inevitably cause you. We know how hard our candidates work to prepare for the exams and how much it means to you to complete one of these milestones. That is why we are offering a re-take as quickly as we can arrange it and we hope that you will be able to take advantage of this new date. 

Yours sincerely,

Stephen Horan
Managing Director, Credentialing



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~ The best is yet come ~

Thieves are stealing everything. This was a bad day at work for them though.


it got attention of the local news. Such a shame.


big surprise lol

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