Do I have to complete all CFA levels within a certain time?


I passed my level 1 in June 2015 and failed my level 2 in 2016. Now, I plan on taking my level 2 again in 2019 because I am busy in completing my CPA modules.

I would like to know if I am allowed to do this or do I have to complete all the exams within some certain time?

Thank you. 

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There is no time limit.

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There used to be a time limit…, but it has since been abolished.

CFA would love you to take the exams 20 years in a row…

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no time limit. You pay, you can take it whenever you want.  Just gotta pay.  Finish your CPA exams first because you can get really jammed with their time limit if you’re not careful.  Also, unlike CPA you don’t need CE credits BS - all you gotta do is pay your dues and bam you’re CFA charterholder even after 20 years of hibernation.

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