Net capex

When calculating FCFF , FCFE, we need net capex, I would list my questions below, I thank you in advance nice humans

1. Is it the change in net capex?

2. Net capex is just: cash spent from buying the assets - cash from selling the assets?

3.Cash spent from buying the asset=  end value asset + gross cost asset (what is that?, historical cost?) - beggining value asset?

4.- cash from selling the asset= change in asset (absolute value) + gain (-loss) on sale

For FCFF/FCFE calculations what you’re subtracting is fixed capital investments. Fixed capital investments would be comprised of capital expenditures - proceeds on sales of LT assets.

Net capital expenditures is capital expenditures - depreciation.

I’m a little lost on what you’re asking on the last part of your questions there.

If they don’t outright give you CapEx just back into it w/ Ending PP&E - Beginning PP&E + Depreciation. Is that what you mean by net? 

FCFF = NI + D&A + INT(1-t) - CapEx - Change in WC.