Best of luck on Saturday!

I wish all of the December Level I candidates here the best of luck on Saturday.  May your hard work pay off.

Although the candidates here are generally better prepared than the average Level I candidate, unfortunately some of you will find in January that you didn’t pass the exam.  You’ll be disappointed – some of you more than others – and you should be.  However, I urge you to keep this in perspective: it’s only an exam.  If, on the day that you learn your fate, you wake up in a warm bed, have enough to eat, have shoes, aren’t in the hospital (or visiting a loved one in the hospital), and expect the same on the next day, then you’re far more blessed than millions – perhaps billions – of people.  Count those blessings, then redouble your effort as you study for the June 2018 exam.

It’s been a pleasure to answer your questions here.  Do me proud on Saturday.

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Wise words. Thank you!

You are great Magician. Thank you

I got released from the hospital after invasive surgery about 1 week before my Level I - so no matter what your circumstances are, take a deep breadth and just give it your all.

And if you happen to pass…you get to study for Level II!!!

Good luck all ;)

Just read this thread and wanted to give a thumb up to Magician and say my thank you for wise words and positive vibes!