Stolen Exams

So it appears that exams were in fact stolen in Brazil. My question is what this means for the rest of us who took the exam in December? With a retake being offered is this going to delay our results? Will a retake skew the mps one way or another given that there will now be two exams?

I don’t think it will affect our L1 scores; Looks like the 140 candidates affected can get a refund, take the test again in January special test, or take it in June.


Interestingly.. when i was taking the test and was watching the proctors collect them.. What would CFA do if the tests got lost or burned during transit.. Would they just auto-pass everyone of the lost exams or make us retake.. I thought they could auto-pass us since it doesnt matter if you get a free pass in L1, you still have to do L2 and L3.. I guess answer is NO free pass!