How much time did it take for you to complete the official curriculum books for level 1?

Hi. I have a background in engineering. I’m going to start with level 1 prep.im targeting Dec 2018 exam. People have suggested to go through the curriculum books as I’m new to finance, and that will also help me develop a strong foundation for the other levels. So could you please suggest, if you completed the books and how did you go about it?

I have ample of time but I know these books can be overwhelming.


Hi Pratj05,

The first time I registered for the CFA level 1 exam back in 2012 it took me about 5-6 month to complete the entire curriculum. It is overwhelming but try to set a goal for how many pages/readings you will do every week. I believe that you are right in saying that you should use the curriculum given you have no background in finance. The curriculum gives you everything you need to understand the concepts tested on the exam. My suggestion would be to start early and give yourself time to absorb the material. After 1-2 months of study, you will start forgetting things you read at the beginning, try having short review sessions once in a while to make sure you retain stuff (I usually read the end of chapter summaries every few weeks). Complete End of chapter questions after each reading and leverage the CFA Online question bank (you get access when you register). If you feel you need more practice, you can also purchase the Schweser Q bank which provide you with about 3000-4000 more questions and the Schweser mock exam. Try to get your hand on as many mock exam as possible (CFAI provides 3 of them). It all boils down to consistency and practice. Allocate time each day to study and practice as much as you can so that you retain key concepts. 

Don’t read the curriculum bro, for L1 Schweser notes are more than enough. You are aiming at a pass, not 100%.

P.s. I also started with no background in finance, but Schweser notes worked perfect for me for L1/L2. Start to read the curriculum when you are preparing for L3.