PrepSmarter - Qbank and Mock Exams

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I’m thinking of paying the $120 for PrepSmarter’s online Qbank and 8 mock exams. I’ve already used the free trial and so far I’m pleased with the Qbank and surprised that they only charge $120. This seems unrealistically low even if it was just the 8 mock exams, let alone thousands of online Qs.

Has anyone used the full access before for level II? I’m particularly curious to know if the mock exams are printable, as I want to take them on paper. If anyone can advise on these two questions, I’d appreciate it. I’m waiting on an email response from their support group, but I’d like to hear it from a person who’s experienced the full access for themselves.



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Just going to re-open this one more time and see if anyone is familiar with PrepSmarter and if they’d suggest using their $120 package?

Thank you.


I really didn’t have a good experience with Qbanks in general for Level 2 (had access to Wiley’s and Apptuto’s). Honestly, looking back what I wish I would have done was to purchase an additional practice exam volume from like Kaplan, or another approved prep provider, and just use each item set within each mock as a standalone mini quiz on a particular section of a particular topic. For example, any of the two mock exam volumes from Kaplan comes with 3 mock exams. Each exam is composed of 20 item set-style questions so in that one volume you’d have 60 mini-quizzes in that item-set style format. 

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Hi All,

I used Arif Irfanullah video tutorials for all three levels and in my opinion its super useful (and probably the best series out there in the market) for covering all the essential concepts tested during the exam. I highly recommend everyone to purchase the same from IFT website as it will serve both the purpose of saving time and exhaustively covering the key takeaways needed for the exam. Its turned out to be exceptionally helpful to me! I passed all three levels at one go only due to his video series.