Level 2

So few days ago I took my first Level I exam and I am hoping for the best outcome. My overall subjective feeling was that the actual test was considerably easier than practice questions (total of about 1000) provided by CFAI.

As I wait for the actual results, I need to consider studying for L2 for June 2018. Before getting into it some research would not hurt. If you can give me some feedback/advice in differences between L1 and L2 I would greatly appreciate it. Some people say it involves more calculation problems than in L1. Other people say that practice questions are more representative of what would be on the exam day.

I would really appreciate your advice. Thanks!

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I found the Level 2 material to be considerably more focused on calculations than Level 1. As someone who did the December L1 to June L2 track, if you’re confident in your performance this past Saturday, I’d start studying for Level 2 by the end of this month. 

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