Preparing For Level II

Hi everyone!

Been a while since I’ve been here, but looking forward to getting going on level II. I was just looking for some quick general tips from anyone on studying for level 2, and what you should do differently than level 1 (I’ve been hearing you really can’t study the same way for level 2). Any advice would be greatly appreciated, just looking for a starting point so I can organize myself before actually studying.



"Wiley's prep material was a huge part of my success." - Lindsey G., USA

Hello Lucas,

Level I required you to know stuff, whereas Level II is where you actually have to use your brains! You have to apply logic almost everywhere. What I did was that I got into reading mode right from the beginning. (I don’t like reading serious texts! So I knew the case study format will haunt me! :D ) So start reading texts and solving curriculum examples and EOCs from the beginning. Here is what I did:

FinTree videos + Schweser notes + Curriculum Examples and EOCs. This worked well for me.

At the end, I solved CFAI mocks (2) and FinTree mocks (3). This got me through.

Start early and follow your own routine. Stick to one material/ prep provider - don’t jump when someone recommends something midway (I started studying from curriculum notes and noticed that it was not possible to read it with my work schedule. I switched to Schweser immediately.). Again, similar to Level I, my focus was on solving maximum number of questions (FinTree videos helped me here - they had many questions in the videos as well).

All the best! :)