Hi everyone
How should I start preparing for Level II? I’m using schweser books and Arif’s videos. I’ll be using curriculum for questions and blue box. I need a little guide as to where to start from? Which subjects should I start with first and difficult subjects and easier ones? Any guidance would be appreciated. 

"Wiley's prep material was a huge part of my success." - Lindsey G., USA

I’m just kind of going at it with the Schweser books. I dove into the Equity book first. I read online (maybe here) that it’s one of the easier topics (and is also worth a large portion of the exam). I felt that starting with Equity gave me confidence because I felt comfortable with the material.

FR&A was definitely a bit of a step up from the Equity material which I had found pretty easy. I’d recommend starting with something your comfortable with and leaving Ethics for last. Other than that just don’t leave all the most difficult topics for you for the end because those will be the ones you have the least time to study.

I don’t think there’s any direct wrong or right way to do it, it varies person to person. What I’m planning though since I started out with an easier topic is to hit all the ones I know I’ll struggle with the most next FR&A, Economics, Derivatives.

I started with Schweser and FinTree and this is the sequence I followed (recommended by FinTree) :

  1. Corporate Finance
  2. Equity
  3. FRA (i found pensions tough)
  4. Fixed Income
  5. Alternative Investments
  6. Quants
  7. Portfolio Management (faced some tough time here)
  8. Economics (never liked this! )
  9. Derivatives (this was my favorite) 
  10. Ethics (snooze! -_- )

You can start with the subjects you found tough at Level I.

All the best!

Thank you :)