Mark Meldrum video and material

Have anyone used Mark Meldrum video and material so far for preparation? I am thinking using his video and material as a compliment ? Any thought?


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I used his videos for L2 prep. In my opinion he is fantastic. I have signed up for his full package for L3.

My approach for L2 was to read CFAI curriculum and compliment it with Mark’s videos. Worked quite well especially for fixed income/derivative sections which Mark explained more clearly than in the books. 

Unfortunately I cannot comment on his L3 yet. 

Level 3 is just as good, iv’e watched all the videos done by MM for L3.

They are a lot shorter than L2 and much easier to digest!

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Is it possible for you to share any material?

Sana Surani wrote:

Is it possible for you to share any material?

Are you asking him to violate Mark’s copyright?

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There are samples on Youtube … search for Mark Meldrum

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doing level 2 now by watching his vids, doing blue boxes and practicing questions. so far so good!