Reasons to Buy wiley FRM Material (Author is Mr,Christian Cooper)

For All FRM candidates: 

Mr. Christian Cooper is the best author for FRM Books. He made it so easy for me to pass level 1 back on November 2016 and I’m now an FRM part 2 candidate (exam is on the 20th of May 2017). He qualified me to advance my career, I have been promoted from finance officer to a Risk Manager; and the salary is 3 times what I used to be paid as a finance officer.

His FRM Books are Written from a practitioner point of view and focused on exam results, expert author, Christian Cooper, connects interrelated topics across the curriculum to help you make sense of difficult concepts and learn more efficiently which is vitally important.


Huge discount on our Silver Review course if you were unsuccessful with another training provider.

Thank you, but honestly, I wish you had a different username than “mysterious guy”! :) No one is going to believe this lol. 

But congrats on the promotion and, sincerely, thank you. 

A little bit of my story I don’t think Wiley even knows: My entire career was spent as a trader and my interaction with my risk manager was always strained. Not personally strained but almost every place I worked no one in risk tried to understand what they were doing, felt they were just running numbers. Part of this is cultural from “front office” to “back/middle office” and that part may take longer to change. 

I thought this was wrong and in my first versions of my FRM program (pre-Wiley) I would go to individual banks and pitch this crazy idea that the risk management department is as important as the trading department. 

I got no where. 

SO…I kind of had to use Wiley as my Trojan Horse for institutional access (sorry, Wiley)

But anyway…that is how this started out as my powerpoint presentation in 2009 to, what I believe, in one more exam cycle, we (Team Wiley & Christian) will be the world’s dominant FRM course provider - Kaplan doesn’t even have a chance compared to what I know we have in the pipeline.

Btw, I was a Kaplan student myself and at the time trading swaps at Credit Suisse. That”s what made me realize there was a HUGE gap in this market for a real way to prepare for this exam so I created my own and found Team Wiley to make it better than I ever could.  

Thank you again, building this has been extraordinarily difficult for me, personally and professionally, over the years but for every student that passes and makes more money…it is all worth it so keep those stories coming. They really make a difference to me. 

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Oh, by the way we have an awesome new slack channel for Part I and II. I look forward to more direct chatter about how to knock part II out of the park.

A word of caution, I have read and re-written all of 2017 part II, it is an order of magnitude more difficult than 2016 Part II. GARP is clearly trying ot make this exam more difficult and grow the prestige in exclusivity. Not a bad thing at all but be prepared for a doozy of a part II exam this year. 

btw, If you are already a 2017 student and haven’t gotten the slack invite, let me know directly. This is going to be a huge forum and a great resource for you in 2017. 


Can you send me slack invite for FRM L1 Nov 2017.My email id is [email protected]



I will take care of it Nipun. Welcome aboard. 

Still waiting christian

Hi Nipunnm, working with Wiley to get this set up in the right way. Haven’t forgotten about you. 

Hi Christian,




DM me your email and ill make sure you get set up. 

Hi Christian,

I have wiley silver course for FRM part 1, I would like to use slack channel.

my email: [email protected].

Best regards, Ruslan.

got you set up. Should get the invite soon