Anyone heard of "AnalystPrep"? How do the questions quality compare to Schweser QB and Bionic Turtle?

I’m just wondering, is this a legit enough site and are the questions considered to be anywhere on the same level as Schweser QB and/or Bionic Turtle? 

They claim it’s free, I’ve tried it for a few days, but I’m not sure if I should put much faith in this or not. 

Link: https://analystprep.com/

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I just looked @ the website - have you registered? It says Register for free - i am sure the packages cost $$. There’s no free lunch! Marketing gimmick to get people to register I think.

It ain’t free. Nothing is free in this world. I have not tried it but I know schweser alone is good for everything. The question’s quality is great and really challenging. Not sure about bionic, heard some bad reviews so did not try. I am currently using Schweser material and sometimes prepsmarter for practice because schweser questions are limited. I also use GARP material which is very useful since it is a little easier to understand the concepts from there.

Throwing a note up here in case it’s useful to anyone in future…

… I’m using analystprep questions right now to review CFA Level I material (which I passed many years ago) before starting studying for level II.  So - different test - but I have to say I have been grievously disappointed with the service in general.  The questions and answers very frequently contain errors (often minor, such as typos, but often major, like conflating an index’s level with a percentage change in the index, or simply flipping a right and wrong answer).  I paid a little more than $100 for a membership, after accounting for a small discount from a promo code. 

My general impression is that the site is run by the proverbial dude-in-his-mom’s-basement.  I would not consider it a “legit” service and would not recommend using.