Have anyone heard about Prepsmarter? Are the questions better than Bionic/Schweser?

I just heard about Prep smarter from a colleague of mine. He was very happy with this platform but I do not trust him. Have anyone tried it? How is it compared to Bionic or Schweser?

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I’ve doing the free trial right now and it seems neat. Seems like they have a lot of questions, but they are similar to the questions from BT and Scwheser. Some are unique as well.

Probably the biggest source of questions though.


I just finished with my Prepsmarter trial and now I have subscribed to their plan. The questions are really helpful, the level of questions are different in the trial and in the paid plan. Worth it.Got 8 additional practice exams as well.

This is absolute garbage. DOn’t waste your $$ on prepsmarter. I tried to use it for Level 1 and the level of difficulty and questions weren’t even remotely close to what were asked in the exam. I don’t think anyone should even consider the idea of prepsmarter - they position themselves as cheaper than BT and Schweser but the quality is sub par!

i suggest you get frm wiley they are awesome and their price is very good