Wiley Part II is out

Doing the free trial now to check it out. 

Attribute Wiley’s Part I material to my passing of Part I. Since I don’t have a quant background and am not a CFA, I think Christian’s material helped me put the pieces together.

I’ve been prepping with BT right now given I wanted to give myself a big head start for Part II, but I’m probably going to pick up Wiley Part II (depending on how the free trial goes) for some additional insight into learning objectives and the additional questions.

Just my 2 cents.

Huge discount on our Silver Review course if you were unsuccessful with another training provider.

i have just got the frm notes& video and it is great and christian cooper did a great job  and all other provider is not good as wiley did

thank you. I’ve put years of my life into this product. Glad it shows. Best of luck but if you are with me, you won’t need luck. 


May I ask - do the practice questions print out or is the only way to answer them on the screen. I used Wiley for CFA Ls I, II and III but found it frustrating when suddenly I could no longer print out questions to study with on my long commute.

Sparkmeister, CFA, CAIA

The ebook does have a print option but the print version of the PQs are also available. That was my personal preference because I could write in the margin, make notes, etc. 

how can i print the PQs for frm, tell me Mr.cooper

Honestly, not sure. I know we have the print PQs as a book but I don’t think you can print PQs if you are only using the online notes and lectures. If you are trying to print from online, not sure how that works. 

Has anyone experience regarding Wiley’s response time, and regarding the update of the material when the content changes (i.e. now from 2017 to 2018). I have started with Part 2 with Wiley’s (before: Schweser) but I feel Wiley is not (yet?) ready to comply with the 24/48h response time they promised.

Mathias, you know how to reach me if you need to. I am human. There are weekends. It was a major holiday in the US last week. I fully stand by my product and what we are promising and delivering on.