Surplus at risk

Please help, 

Surplus at Risk formula, different calculations at different places:

Is it, Expected Surplus - Zc * Std Dev (VaR)


Expected Surplus Growth - VaR

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Surplus at risk is in the assigned readings but not on the exam. Don’t waste time on things you won’t be tested on is my advice. 

Alright gentlemen, this isn’t a forum designed to bash each other. Every candidate has a goal to pass the exam and I would expect you two to help us equally, teaching philosophies aside. I’ve paid for both BT and Wiley and have found each program designed to help the candidate in different ways. Both help me, that’s for sure.

“Not on the exam” was the wrong way to express “not a big focus among the learning objectives”. Anyone who has my program knows I cover surpus at risk numerous times and I link all the pieces in the notes and practice questions together in a way I think most efficient for the learning process.